Any of my LEDs not working

I was making project in which my LED and Buzzer both turn on and off at a time. It worked of a while and now my LED is not working. I tried my other led but thats not working too. Any clue about the problem.

Did you connect it forward bias ? Check if any current is going through the LED using a multi-meter or a simple dc circuit.

please try connecting LED with 330k ohm resistor provided with bolt iot kit.
if it doesn’t work then tell me again.

Hey, the same also happened to me too.

You can check the following points:

  1. LED should be connected to 330k ohm resistor.
  2. No resistance should be connected to the buzzer.
  3. Make sure resistor is not broken, you can use a multimeter to check.
  4. and if still, it is not working change GPIO ports and try again.

The last point worked for me, I changed all the ports and reconnect the whole circuit and it worked.

Hi, so since it worked for a short time and then stopped it can be because you gave it too much current(i.e. didnt have a required resistor connected to it). Try adding a resistor and reconnecting.

hi first simply interface ur LED with bolt iot and do the same with the buzzer too and check whether they are working properly or not and then go for ur connections