API key generated is invalid in ubuntu

The API key generated is getting invalid in ubuntu and the project is not running.

Hey @sakshinaik0402
Just double check the api you have entered as sometimes while copy pasting we miss a thing or two.
If still problem persist can you please send the screenshot?

There can be a typo error or you can regenerate the api and enter again and make the changes …try this and if the problem still persists share the screenshot

hey, it might be possible for some network error you can recheck the API you have entered but I am sure you must have done that many times so since it’s occuring at very first time of your ubuntu projects you can generate a new api key in The API section and make sure to update the key in all your previous projects and enter that new key in your code… since your API may hot corrupted that’s why you are seeing this error.
Hope it will work.

generating a new API key is appreciable at such instances. you can use this link to check/ regenerate your API https://cloud.boltiot.com/api_credentials

may i see ur code plz…the error mgt be becoz of the mistake in code not the key
even i checked my api key many tyms and generated new keys but the problem is in the type mistake of code …

especially see mybolt = Bolt(api_key, device_id) line

hope it works if not share ur code to me