API Limit Reached

you guys should have given us prior warning of the API limit telling us that such a thing exists. while performing the Z score analysis project of the “sending an SMS when the lights turn on or off” I set the time.sleep to 2 second to reach the frame size of 10 quickly and then the z score would be calculated . because of this I have been blocked and thats frustrating. had I prior knowledge that there is a limit I wouldn’t have done it. plzz inform in advance guys

Do not worry. Just reset your API keys from bolt cloud and try again.
Please take care of the wait time between calls.
Hope that helps.

Ohhh god i disassembled everything and was upset i had to do it all over again 2moro. Didn’t know i could just reset it. Haha. Thanks anyway. Il keep it in mind

Hi @iamdxyo and @pankajkumar.p,

You can refer the API limits rules here https://docs.boltiot.com/docs/api-access-rules

In case you require more API hits for your project, you can upgrade to pro plan https://cloud.boltiot.com/view_profile/plan

Refer this link Why is my API access is rate limited?

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

hey its been a while. I reset my API key ie I requested for a new one but I stay rate limited. I created a full light intensity manager system and I used a slider in python to control the intensity of the LED. but I am still rate limited even after getting a new API key

Hi @iamdxyo,
@rahul.singh1 has explained the concept of rate limiting. It’s required to ensure that every bolt user can access the resources.
So, even if you purchase a better plan, it isn’t possible to get real time changes through bolt. In your case, you can set a timer that picks up the current slider value and pushes it after a certain time interval, say after every 10 seconds.
Also, renewing the API key used to act as a quick fix once you accidentally get rate limited. I’m not sure if it works now.

@iamdxyo DON’T WORRY rate limit will be automatically removed after 6 hours , just wait After 6 hours you can use your API in your project.

Hii… @iamdxyo, you must have made 20 API calls in a single minute, thats y ur API is locked. It will be opened after 6 hours. Dont worry.