API Pro- Alerts Feature not working

Hi, @rahul.singh1 @vinayak.joshi @PPV @yeshwant.naik

I am an API Pro Plan user.
I am trying to use the Alerts feature of it. But it is not working.
I have made the LED controlling product and have linked an alert with it, but I am not receiving any notifications: neither through email nor through SMS feature.
Below I have attached all the configurations that I have made. Please check them and let me know WHY the feature isn’t working.

I have clicked on this ON button and made the LED Glow too. Still I am NOT RECEIVING any alerts.

Hello, @rahul.singh1 @vinayak.joshi @PPV @yeshwant.naik

Please help me with the above said problem as soon as possible. I want to use the Alert feature for my project to be uploaded on hackster.io. The project is at hold due to the non-functioning of the Alert feature.
I have already attached the code and configurations above.
Please go through them and guide me where is the problem.


Please clarify,

Have you configured the product linked to the device to push data to the Cloud?

The alerts are sent based on the data that the device pushes to the Cloud. For example, if you have setup an alert to monitor the A0 pin data, then you need to also link the device to a product which is configured to collect A0 pin data.

Since here you want to monitor digital pin 1 data, and send and alert when it is high, you need to configure the product hardware to push digital pin 1 state to the Cloud.

You can make these configurations in the hardware sections of the product configuration. I suggest you set up the hardware configuration for trigger instead of the 5 minute delay. This will make your project work the way you expect it to.


Okay, so I configured the hardware to trigger and tried running the project .The following issue arised:

When the LED got the command of HIGH Status, it just blinked for 1 second and then went off. Also, no message was received for the “LED TURNED ON” alert.

As I click on the ‘ON’ button to switch ON the LED, the LED just blinks for 1 second and then goes OFF on its own.

What is the problem and solution?



Apologies. I didn’t realise that you had an led connected to the pin.

If this is the case, then your current configuration will not work. It is not supposed to.

The problem here is that, while you are trying to use the pin as an output, since you have configured it in the hardware section for trigger, as soon as you set it to output, it gets set as input again.

I suggest connect a 2nd pin to the LED for example, if you are controlling pin 1 via the software config, then in the hardware configure configure pin 0 for trigger. Do not configure pin 1 in the hardware section.

Then in the alert feature monitor pin 0.

This way, you will control the state of pin 1, and pin 0 will read the state and signal to the Bolt Cloud, which will send the alert.

Thanks, that worked!

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