Api related doubt on led control project

As mentioned in the tutorial video that API provides a medium to connect our bolt devices with the third-party apps , so I wanted to ask what is the third party app to which we are connecting when we are making our online led control project as we are using API key in our code?

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Hi @2019mcb1228,

If you are just controlling the LED using the HTML/js/python code, you are not connecting it with other apps. But in case you are getting the sensor data from Bolt Cloud API and based on the value, you are sending the sms using Twillio, In this case, you are connecting other apps with Bolt Cloud API.

Check these links -

  1. https://docs.boltiot.com/docs/integromat
  2. https://docs.boltiot.com/docs/introduction-1

So can we remove the JavaScript API code that we have written now?will it be working then also?

Hi @2019mcb1228,

What do you mean by removing the javascript code ? To control the LED from Bolt Cloud dashboard, you will require html/JS code.

No I am asking about setAPIKey()line…can we remove it

No, i don’t think so , because in LED control project you are using buttons to send some commands and only API would be there to carry your commands and if you are not providing it then i don’t think so it will work…

No, you can not remove this function, Check this thread Api key java script code

When we controlling LED we use Bolt cloud by code of js or py
In this case we do not required third party
So …
Also the third party is telegram or twillow