App building using mit app inventor

How to make app using mit app inventor when bolt iot is connected to Arduino for example consider to turn led on & off using mit app inventor

Hi i am keval and i do have some experience with this particular case, you might wanna follow suggested steps to make your project.

if you are using bolt iot only to control input/output you won’t need arduino in a picture, and can do it just using API calls. To build an application using mit app inventor that gives you access to bolt device’s gpio you might want look into this following link.

Use Web component while making an app, Using this you will be able to make API calls through mobile application. Also make sure to look into bolt iot API documentation.

If you still want to use arduino in conjucture with bolt iot you will have to use uart protocol to communicate among them. Use following link for interfacing bolt with arduino.

If you go for with arduino setup you will need to use SERIAL API calls in your application which you will find in following link.

Hope this helps you.