App is showing no internet connection

After i turn off mobile data…and enter the wifi password its showing no internet connection and you are offline …what to do…help me with this

@deepakparabhu2205 I suggest you restart the BOLT device and then retry the setup. If the problem still persists check the wifi connection and make sure that your wifi is working.

Like almost 10 times i tried this …same result…i even tried with hotspot of my other phone …dint work

@deepakparabhu2205 which device are you using for the setup: android or ios?
If ios then you would have to switch to an android mobile phone temporarily for the setup.

@deepakparabhu2205 Can you post a screenshot of it here?

Dear learner , i will suggest you kindly first check your internet connectivity whether it is low or not , if slow then may thats why you facing such type of problem . if internet connectivity is good then uninstall the app from you phone and restart your phone then reinstall it . your problem will solved .
happy learning ,
have a good day.

I did sir…but still no result…please help me with this

Its showing like this

@deepakparabhu2205 check your internet speed and change your mobile hotspot password and try to connect again

@deepakparabhu2205 This is because the device did not come online as the WiFi connection that you have provided does not have internet access or has some access blocking mechanism.

Please choose a different WiFi network or setup your device using your phone’s hotspot.

@deepakparabhu2205 You can click on retry button once the Phone is connected to the internet using the WiFi credentials that you have provided during setup.

it’s because wifi connect to you phone not with bolt device

Then how to connect?

@deepakparabhu2205 The phone will also connect to the same WiFi network that you have provided during the setup to set up the Bolt device.
Also, the same WiFi network credentials are also sent to the Bolt device in order to set up the WiFi.

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Try restarting the BOLT Device and retry the setup.

If your Green and blue led’s are glowing and if u get an error showing YOUR DEVICE NOT SEEM TO BE ONLINE. Then u go for Troubleshoot option and click skip option. Go to BOLT CLOUD and see wheather your device is online. If it’s showing ONLINE then your bolt module is ready to use.

first of all verify you have setup your bolt device properly then verify the internet connection then if it is not working then do the setup process from the starting once again and if possible change the network of your internet try once means take internet from other wifi or other mobile hotspot which is providing a good internet connection it will work.