Applying internships in iot

May I apply other internships which they have required skill as IOT and I want to know what are the other trending skills required for IOT companies to hire?

Yes, you can join the IoT internship by which you can become an expert in IoT technology. You must know the Node.js development, Information security, Cloud Computing, and more. These skills are required for IoT companies to hire.

Yes, you can apply for other internships too. Skills that are required to work in any IoT based companies include :

  • AI & ML
  • Node. js development.
  • Mobile app development.
  • API automation and testing.
  • Information security.
  • UI/UX design.
  • Cloud computing.
    Hope this will help you!!

Hi @hemanthrathikindi221,
There are many trending skills recommended for IoT companies. These include:

1)Embedded Systems Designing
2)PCB designing
3)Computer Networking
4)Computer Architecture and Programming in Assembly
5)Web Development(Front end and Back end) (Node.js etc), App development, UI/UX design
6)Linux command line
7)Protocols like MQTT
8)Programming languages like Python, C, and C++
9)Cloud computing(VM management, vertical and horizontal scaling, serverless architecture, docker, etc).

Thank you all for clarifying my doubts.

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