Arduino-bolt communication

How to take the value of variable assign in arduino to be read in python program.
what code should be written I know that UART communication is been used.

Hey @amang852

It vey simple to do so Bolt has very good documentation for that

Also on UART commands

Still if you have any problem feel free to ask i will send you the complete code

along with those above written solution you can also use arduino library
1).SoftwareSerial.h for UART connection u can connect rx and tx pin of bolt as per ur requirement to arduino pwm pins.
for ex:SoftwareSerial mySerial(8,9);here my rx pin connected to 9 &tx connceted to 8.
2)to set the baud rate can use :mySerial.begin(9600);
for more details u can see this project:

Hello @amang852 I have written a code of arduino and bolt interfacing,it works on serial communication,you only need to connect tx,Rx pin of bolt to Rx,tx of arduino .Check on this link