Arduino sensors and interfaving for home automation with bolt

Hi! I am trying to make a project on home automation using bolt iot device. I plan on connecting the arduino board (which will be connected to sensors)to the bolt iot board, such that after recieveing values from sensors some specific action can be performed like turning on the led. I am using version 1 of bolt, and am still struggling with the arduino connectivity code and interface to retrieve and store values in a database. I need help with the coding part.

Hi @kriti05 ,
Please refer this instructable

@rahul.singh Hi! I have already went through this tutorial. What i want is to build an app and recieve data in that app without having to give any commands via the laptop. Could you please help me out with that?

do you mean a android app? If thats the case MIT app inventor is the ideal and simplest way to build your own android app and use bolt commands

I meant on the netPlugapp but I will try out the app u r suggesting as well

@datta.naik MIT app will only help me create an app layout and i am capable of doing the same via Android Studio. What i don’t know is how will i create an interface to link my bolt device to the app which is why i am using the suggested netplug app. Now, I am doing a lot more than is given in the tutorial. And i need help with the code that is required to take in values from arduino ,store it on the cloud and perform some specific action using bolt and all these commands are to monitored via NetPlug app.

Check out the Bolt API’s. You will get access to them in the Developers Consol.

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