Are there only marketing internships at BoltIOT?

Hi, I opted for this course not just because of content but also for IOT internship. I was disappointed when I received email about internship just to promote Bolt IOT. I don’t feel to promote the Bolt because it contains very few sensors. The projects are good but explanation of some topics are missing. For eg, in led project the explanation of javascript code is not given, though javascript introduction is introduced very well. I bought the kit as I was told there is no prerequisite and I had no knowledge of javascript, so now I am lighting up led without knowing how my code is working. It gives pseudo knowledge to learners.

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Hi, apart from Marketing Internships, there are other internship opportunities as well for Bolt IoT and ML students. Recently, I received a mail from Bolt IoT regarding an internship opportunity at Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala who is looking to hire students who have completed Bolt IoT Training to join their IoT research group. The team was working on Smart Irrigation System funded by CSIR, India
So, I would suggest you to keep checking your mails regarding internship opportunities from Bolt IoT. Otherwise, you can go for other IoT internships as well.

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You should also be able to see a technical internship if you search for an Internship in this forum. We have some prominent organisations posting about internship opportunities on this forum.

Hello Sir,
Yesterday I received my acceptance letter as a Student Partner Internship for BOLTIOT.
I am very happy for this and I just want to confirm, although I am 70% sure that we have to organize a event in our internship program in our campus?

Sorry, I know it is not the right thread to continue this question but I find this one suitable and it is on actually urgent basis as the opportunity for the vent to be large can be enormous if confirmed right now.

Thank you again.