Arithmetic operation in js

I include the Js file in an html document,but I can’t view the output. I have open the document file in Mozilla fire fox this web browser shows file Not found.But I include all the document files in same folder the web browser also show file not found.further what I can do? Please give me the suggestion.thank you.

Please attach a snippet of your code. Also, did you try other browsers like Chrome?

My js code is given below:
var c = 3 + 4; // Addition operation on numbers.
console.log ("The value of c is ", c);
var x = 2;
var y = 3;
var z = x - y; // Subtraction operation on variables.
console.log ("The value of z is ", z);
var m = x * y; // Multiplication operation on variables.
console.log ("The value of m is ", m);
var n = x / y; // Division operation on variables.
console.log ("The value of n is ", n);
var w = (x * y + 20) - 10 // Arithmetic operation on an expression.
console.log ("The value of w is ", w);
And my html code :

Javascript Variables

You need to add an id(placeholder) in the html document which can be identified and replaced by the JS script.
Check the course content here

@kmuthukumarece1998 Open the console in the browser and it will be shown over there. You can google how to open the console for your particular browser.

Also, please remove the < title > tag in the JS code.

@shoeb.ahmed thanks for your reply.I can try

@pankajkumar.p Sir, please tell me sir what is mean placeholder.I hear that new word first time.

@kmuthukumarece1998, I was just drawing an analogy with general programming languages. Not sure if that is relevant to JS or not.
What it does is find the id mentioned in a HTML code, if it matches, the JS object is added to that portion of the code(Not really added, it just appears so in the browser).

Placeholder works as an indicator or watermarks in the input field of html document. refer to this

@shoeb.ahmed I remove the title tag in js code,and I run the html code in web browser and I click console it shows below

I refresh again the web browser shown in same and I open in another browser it shows in below please tell what can I do? Any changes in my code please tell

@kmuthukumarece1998 Is my javascript.js in the same folder as your HTML file?

@shoeb.ahmed yes my JavaScript.js in the same folder and also html file placed in same folder.

Hi @kmuthukumarece1998,

as per what i could understand from the photos, you have set the filename of your js code as “my javascript.js.js”.
remove the extra “.js” from the name.

@vinayak.joshi thanks for your reply sir.I remove the extra js from the name.