Asking for payment when trying to access the course

I’ve purchased the hardware kit and was granted free training but I am unable to access the videos now, it’s asking for payment. Could you please look into it as soon as possible.

Hi @chsrinu.priya
You don’t need to worry about this. Just give it a couple of days and I’m sure that you’ll be granted access. In case of Cash on Delivery (COD), it can take up to 2-3 working days for payment to be recognized and access will be granted after it.
In case access isn’t granted even after a couple of days then contact and send them the details of your order such as your invoice number, your name, email address etc. along with an image of your kit. They’ll mark your order as paid and you’ll be granted access to your training.
I hope this helps you and you are granted your training access soon.
All the best!

@chsrinu.priya you might have gotten a coupon code worth the course amount when you paid the course fee. Fill the coupon code and then you will be able to access the course Videos.

Hi @chsrinu.priya,

As I can see you are already enrolled in the training. Please visit and login with your email id chsrinu**** and you will be able to access the training.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

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@chsrinu.priya hi there !!! I was also facing with the same problem before. In my case i had given a different mail of acess why don’t you see whether that s the same mail given in the time of purchase so that you don t repeat my mistake :no_mouth:. Hope that this would help you :grin: