Aurdino instead of bolt

can I use an aurdino module instead of the bolt.


Can you please elaborate your query?
Where, how and why do you want to use Arduino instead of Bolt module?

yeah. a year ago I connected a 9w led bulb to the bolt device using a relay. I wanted to study this bolt tech in depth. so, instead of the bolt device, can I plug in aurdino nodeMCU?

Yes but you should use your own code and backend server. You can’t use bolts service

I think everything is similar with the bolt module and the aurdino nodeMCU board.
What is the difference between these two?

The bolt iot module had custom firmware in it that communicates with bolt servers . If u r using nodemcu, then u should make a similar communication with the internet/LAN

Well, that would depend on what kind of project you are dealing with. To start with, the bolt module has the required features to get you a good start with a simple project. Please elaborate on your query to understand where exactly you want to use your aurdino module.

In case, I have lost the bolt microcontroller. Can I use Aurdino instead? Yeah, I knew that the firmware for the bolt is quite different. But can I have the access to install the same firmware used by the bolt controller?

No Sujal, you can’t get firmware
It is bolt property and confidential information.
You have to work on backend servers from a third party as you listed before requirements for your project using Arduino nodemcu,. For selecting the wifi,hostspot,or lan communication .
Best Do research from self which provides you better learning.

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