Auto reset after self-turn-off



Following the video course, I ended unit1. While collecting light values, I put the Bolt into my drawer, to make it dark. The day after, I took it out again and all lights were off. After replugging the usb, the blue light started to blink slowly.
Do I have to start again?


Hi @bolt_iot:
How was the Bolt unit powered when it was in the drawer?
If it faced multiple power outages (This is generally what happens when the battery supply capability is above the required value to power up the unit, but not sustain it), then it has a limited probability of loosing the credentials of the WiFi that it was configured for.

All you have to do is power the unit using a stable supply, and use the Bolt app to connect configure the unit to connect to the WiFi.

All of your other settings are stored in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about them.



The Bolt unit is powered by the usb cable connected to my pc.
Now I have replugged the usb (it was off again) and no changes


Hi @bolt_iot,

After the Bolt unit started blinking the blue LED slowly, did you use the Bolt app to connect it to your wifi?



I did the whole procedure like on the video course till 1.19 without problems.
And now it’s keeps blinking.


Hi @bolt_iot,

I just want to confirm what firmware version is running on your Bolt.

When you power up the module, does the blue led ‘blink’ slowly, or does the intensity rise and fade slowly?



It blinks slowly