Automated class room

Want to develop a real time project
using BOLT , the idea is automated
call rooms . When some one enters the class
room the electrical appliances will switch on
and when there will be no one in the room all
equipment will turned off . Also it will
count no . of persons comes in and goes out .
Please help me with the code , for more details
share email id or mobile number .

I suggest you to connect two proximity sensors. If both are triggered(One after the other), it would mean that a person has walked in or out. Also the order in which the sensors are triggered will give you if the person is walking in or out.

You can store the count of people in the room and if it is more than 0 then you can switch on the appliences.

How to maintain the back end , how to update the table when some one enters and decrease the table . I have chocked out I need to keep 2 proximity sensors S1,S2 . When some one hits the S1 first then S2 the table will be +1 and when some one hist the S2 first and then S1 the table will -1 . But how to put these conditions on BOLT and after that I have make another condition , If the table value is more than 1 all electric appliances will be switched on and when the table value will be 0 all electric appliances will be switched off. please help me out with codes and process.

Hi , you can use ajax for sending data and receiving data from your Database.
For know more about ajax you can refer this link Ajax.

  1. If you are using php and mysql as back end then this concept will be used
    a) Receive data from proximity sensor
    b) Send this data to server using ajax (Also store the order of triggered proximity sensor in database )

  2. Second option is just use JavaScript for storing all your information (Without backend). Use global variable for stroing information like number_of_person_in, number_of_person_out, total_person_inside. Do some calculation and trigger your event using javascript

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Can you help with some codes

Sorry we don’t have ready codes written for this particular application.

At least help me how to implement if else condition and how to maintain data base with some example codes .