Automatic water pump

i have a 12v water pump and don’t know how to automate it with our bolt wi-if module so i if someone can help i am ready

To control or to know about the water level you must make use of any sonar sensor. Let us assume Ultra sonic sensor, one of the better option. So to read the sensor values you must take the help of Arduino.
For detailed information, read the published papers based on Automated water pump using Arduino and also search for Bolt-Iot projects using ultra sonic sensor. All the best.


Controlling 12V water pump from bolt is easy and similar to controlling leds connected to Bolt ON/OFF (like project 7 in bolt training). You just need an additional component called relay which in simple terms is an electronic switch. One side of relay connects to 12V water pump supply and other side connected to one of Bolt GPIO pins. Let me know if this helps.


thanks for the response but can you please provide any papers because i am not able to find any

i have the relay and made the connections but the problem is that the motor is being started as soon as i give power to the bolt module and i’m not able to control it

First of all check the code, whether you have given 1 or 0 output `from GPIO. Also make use of “time sleep()” command. So that you can provide a gap between ON and OFF positions.
You will be provided with a push-button switch in the kit itself. Make use of it properly which leads you to control the motor physically.

If you find any difficulty in using switch circuit, you can learn about electronic switch circuit by searching in google. This can control the current flows through the motor.

All the best.

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Hi, I think the following projects may help you. Once go through these projects and jot down the required notes.

can you show the connections @vasu.gupta9

Hi @rajivratan08 ,

One side of the relay connects to a GPIO on bolt module, 5V and GND(ground) (either 1 or 2 GNDs present depending on the relay) will be the other 2 connections.

Other side of relay , connects to the power supply for water pump. Eg: connect 12V out from power supply to COM on relay and connect 12V IN to water pump to NO on relay. Connect GND of power supply directly to GND of water pump.

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