Automation to Prevent Spread of COVID-19 using Bolt IoT is the link for above mentioned project.I want to do this as my M.Tech project and need assistance from bolt team.I want to add additional feature of contactless temperature measurement before the person enters the room and if he is having fever or covid symptoms then the door should not open ,that is,the person’s entry should be restricted.How do i do this?.I already have bolt Iot wifi module with me and i need help for implementation using same hardware.


I am not able to find the project from the link that you have shared.

Can you share the progress of your project and let us know exactly which part you need our help with?

Hi @deepikadesai1996,

I am inviting @vinayak.joshi to help you out with this query.

@yeshwant.naik The correct link of the project is

Hi @deepikadesai1996,

We are here to assist you, but we do not believe in giving you a direct solution as it is your M.Tech project.

Let me help you understand what I mean. Before we can give you inputs on what you could do, you need to show us a bit of the research that you have done.

Here are a few starting points for you.

For contactless temperature sensing, it would be best to purchase a contactless tempertuare gun take it apart and see what sensors and controllers are used in the gun. The next step is to look up datasheets of such sensors, and understand how you can activate and pull data from this sensors using some other controller.

I am not really sure how you would detect other covid symptoms using any sensor, this you will have to look up on the internet yourself.

For the door, you could use a servo motor to open and close the door. For this you can look into the following project which shows you how to control a servo motor using the Bolt WiFi module

For the unifying code, you could write one in python, and then run it on a digital ocean droplet.