Battery Life / Sleep mode

I was able to power the Bolt IoT device via battery using a couple of different methods. I can get the device to power on and report as expected.

The battery-life in these conditions has been problematic. So far in my searches on the forum, I haven’t found any tips on extending battery life, and I found one reply from 19 stating that there is no “sleep” mode available.

I would rather not change my polling interval. I have one device I want to report every 5 minutes, and one device I want to report upon Trigger.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @michael,

The Bolt WiFi module does not have a sleep mode.

What you can do, is setup an Arduino with a relay to power down the Bolt WiFi module for 4 minutes 30 seconds and then power it up for 30 seconds. This will allow the Bolt WiFi module to connect to the Bolt Cloud and send the required data, at the same time, a lower level of power supply will be used up.