Bitcoin alert system using sms, mail and Telegram

I write a program of Bitcoin price alerts through sms, email and telegram in combined,but my code not work ,this is my whole code…

please solve my query asap.


What is the issue that you are facing? Can you share the screenshot of the error with us?

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I have changes as possible as ways but can’t able to resolve the issue.

@2019peb5400 What I am able to observe is, you have given ‘response’ parameter to send_telegram_message(). Try giving ‘message’ as the parameter.

i have written code of 53 lines,now error comes in 54 line as image given below.

Can you put the ending closing brack ‘}’ of the data variable right below it?

Example -

data = {
        "chat_id": tele_conf.telegram_chat_id,
        "text": message

Your code looks fine. Search for any loop or function which isn’t closed. It results in being stuck inside it, and hence this error.

This error usually happens when any of the loop used in the code is incomplete, check that every loop has code and is correct. That way it will not reach EOF and execute the whole code.