Bitcoin project code error

this is code

this is output. please help me in this

@swastishree10 you have misspelled the spelling of response and then you have used it as reponse. Correct statement is like:

response = json.loads(response.text)

Hope it will solve your problem

yes ok i corrected it but now a problem

Send the screenshot @swastishree10

Iske baad kuch ho n ra buzzer b on n hora jabki homa chahiye

Please send the pic of hardware connections. As the program is syntactically and sematically correct, error must be in the hardware connections.

Place the long leg of buzzer in GPIO 0 pin and shorter leg in Gnd

Yes I have done the same

Do add the following code and then share the screenshot.

final = mybolt.digitalWrite(‘0’,‘HIGH’)
print (final)

Then share the screenshot of the output.

Also make sure that conf_bitcoin has the correct variables.

Oh I found the mistake. You have used parameters in the Bolt function incorrectly. Write the following code:

mybolt = Bolt(conf_bitcoin.API_KEY , conf_bitcoin.DEVICE_ID)

yes yes now its working can u tell me why that order was so imp?

@swastishree10 as this Bolt function is a pre-defined function in the boltiot library. At the back-end it’s structured in such a way that first parameter is assigned for the API_Key while the later one is for Device_Id.

Hope you understand it now :slight_smile:

yes yes ok i understood thanku so much

Next time do look for the spelling of response :slight_smile:

yes yes surely :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Hello guys
I have read all the suggestions for Bitcoin program error but I did not see anything similar to what I am receiving and I tried 2-3 different program from chat but I am still not able to resolve this error.
Kindly help

Please create a new topic regarding your issue. Do attach your code as well.