Blocked from accessing my course

When I click on the ‘go to the course’ button on my training page, it redirects me to a page which says “Sorry, you’ve been blocked”. Lifetime access and self-pace were promised at the time of purchase but right now I’m unable to access the course material. Kindly look into the matter.

Hi @shelly.ekka,
I have taken this to the team and we’ll fix the issue as soon as possible. Can you please share the screenshot of the error?

@raghav.srivastava kindly check

@raghav.srivastava the issue has been fixed, thank you.

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@raghav.srivastava This problem has resurfaced. Kindly look into it, Thank you.

Hi @shelly.ekka ,
I have taken this to the team and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Till then please check if you
Are you accessing your training using a public/college Internet connection? In that case, it may be the case that the network administrators have blocked some streaming services. Do inform your college IT admin regarding this. Until then, I would request you access your training using Mobile Data or another alternative network.
In case you are using a Home Internet Connection and facing the issue, kindly contact your internet service provider.

@shelly.ekka please try using an alternative network and confirm if the issue persists.

Hello @raghav.srivastava , I can successfully access the course using a Mobile Data hotspot but not through the home wifi connection.

@shelly.ekka contact your Internet service provider regarding the same. Do let me know if you need any other help.