Blue led constantly blinking

I have received the latest updated model of Bolt. But its blue light is constantly blinking despite of connecting it to my home WiFi network. My device is connected to cloud but in the bolt IoT app , a red dot is still appearing beside the device name instead of green dotTthere is internet access as alL other apps that are connected to the WiFi are running well. What should i do?


Please re-try the wifi setup process. Also make sure that the WiFi password doesnt contain special ASCII characters beyond character code DECIMAL 127.

Also make sure the WiFi you are trying to connect to doesnt have a hidden SSID or 5GHz Type network

How to know if the WiFi is a 5GHz type network or not??

You can check from your router model

Which router are you using for your home network? Most routers work in the 2.4ghz spectrum.
If you find there are two SSID’s for your Wifi network, your router is broadcasting in both the 2.4ghz and 5ghz ranges.

You can additionally refer this link for more info,


Sir,I am using iBallBaton router.i checked as per the above referred module and i have a single WiFi name .i have tried everything but still the device is not getting connected. the blue led is blinking and there is a red dot beside my device name

@elena.dey1 Can you share your WiFi network’s password?

the username is pijus_vvs .and password is 1975

The information is about alliance broadband

@elena.dey1 can you change the network password to a length of 8 characters and try the setup of Bolt again?

Firstly Make sure that your wifi is working correctly, or try to switch off your bolt IoT module and switch it on again. Sometimes the connection between the module and the cloud does not take place properly.