Blue led slow blink

my device is not getting connected to the cloud.
Blue led is blinking slowly.
On the app the bolt module is visible.
I’m unable to disconnect n then reconnect.

Can you send the screen shot of your issue

Again Click on add device and conect it to the wifi which provides you internet.make sure to give wifi password correctly.

I clicked on add device. Still it’s not getting connected

then again restart the bolt device.and do the same thing.

I tried switching off and on the module. .blue led is still blinking slowly.

Hi @apereira1014,

Try connecting your Bolt device to different wifi network and check if it is working.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

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It’s working. I downloaded the app on another phone and followed the required steps using the same email

its resolve my issue. :smile:
Thank you sir.

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