Blue LED stop blinking after a single blink when it is powered


I have an issue with the bolt device. It blinks once immediately after the device is powered. and the green led stay on. so, I can’t connect it with my Wifi. I tried many times by changing the USB cable and adapter. but still, it is not working. can you tell me what to do?

Since you said you tried using different USB and adapter, please mail this issue to .
Once more try connecting it to through a different USB cable and adapter, connect adapter to wall socket and check, if problem persists then address your issue to the above specified mail. If there is a defect in the module the necessities will be done.

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I have already mailed it with the video. but the Bolt support has a HOLIDAY over weekend, i.e. Saturday and Sunday. Hence any email sent between Friday 3 PM to Monday 8 AM IST will be replied on Monday by 7 PM. So, I have asked on Bolt forum. well thank you for your response.