Blue light is not becoming stable

hello everyone
After connecting to the wifi,the LED on the ESP8266 chip is not becoming stable. T he cloud LED is also not lit…Also in my app, the device is showing ofl9(red dot) though my bolt device is on. can anyone plzz help me

Hi @ira.aishwarya
Follow these instruction let me know in case your query is resolved.

1 ) Check if all the bold sd cards files are present in Bolt SD card. If any file is missing then download all the bolt SD card from and copy it to the root of SD (Root means there should be no any folder inside SD card ) .
There are two options in Bolt .
a) Bolt created its own hotspot network
b) You can connect your bolt to other wifi network.

When you connect your laptop to bolt hotspot then bolt have static IP but when you connect your Bolt to other Wi-Fi network then bolt have dynamic IP .In that case you have to find Bolt Ip using Download Advance IP( Scanner software or in case Advance IP scanner is not working then you can download Fing APP( ) in your mobile .(Make sure your bolt and mobile should be connected on same network. )

I will suggest you to connect your bolt to home wifi network. you can directly connect your bolt to other Wi-Fi network. There is one file inside with name bs.txt . Inside bx.txt you will find two varibles ssid(Wi-Fi name) and password(Wi-Fi password). Type crendetials in front of those varibale. Insert your bolt Sd card in bolt and restart . If blue led becomes stable means your bolt is connected to your home wifi/hotspot.

Check if all the bold sd cards are present in Bolt SD card. …how do I check this?

I really dont understand … how to access BOLT’S SD CARD. PLEASE help me out

That is an erroneous sentence. What Rahul meant was check if all the bold sd cards FILES are present in Bolt SD card. The word FILES was missed.

I have boltiot version 2 module in which i cannot find any sd card or sd card slot … n since its version 2 … i believe the boltiot app should work for me … bt the blue light is still not becoming stable … please help …

my bolt device in my app is showing ofl9 and my cloud led (green)is also not lit … I believe this is something related to the cloud. PLEASE help

Hi @ira.aishwarya
bt the blue light is still not becoming stable` means your bolt is not connected to your home/hotspot wifi network.
Click on Add device and connect your bolt to your home Wi-Fi network.

okay … thankfully my blue led is becoming stable after a while nw… bt my green led is still not lit.:sweat:

The green led is not lit means that the Wi-Fi network to which the Bolt is connected does not proper Internet access. This could be due to 3 reasons;

  1. the Internet access of the Wi-Fi network is turned off. You can switch on the Internet access for the network or use an alternate Wi-Fi network to connect the Bolt.
  2. the Internet speed is too slow for the Bolt to connect to the cloud. You will have to use an alternate Wi-Fi network in this case.
    3: The WiFi network has an internal authentication system where the user has to open a page and enter the username and password after connecting to the Wi-Fi network to enable Internet Access. Bolt devices do not support such Wi-Fi networks. You will have to use an alternate Wi-Fi network in this case.
  3. The Wi-Fi network’s AP band is not working at 2.4 GHz. Bolt supports only 2.4 GHz band so the Wi-Fi network should work at this frequency. You can edit the Wi-Fi settings to work at 2.4GHz. If your Wi-Fi network does not support 2.4GHz then you will have to use an alternate Wi-Fi network in this case.
    Do let me know in case of any other queries.

Hi @ira.a Aishwarya
Please led is stable means Bolt is connected to your Wi-Fi network but not getting the internet access.
Please make sure that internet access must be enabled.