Blue light is off

My device was working properly but suddenly yesterday when I powered on the device the blue light blink for fraction of second and then off no hotspot is generated no blue light and green light I want to solve it to complete my course
Anyone can help me
Thanks in advance

My video link

use other power source like power bank to provide supply. Check all the connections throughly.

There might be some issues with your power supply.
Or a possibility that your bolt device maybe damaged or something. Please contact
This issue is already been asked in the forum. kindly go through it.

Sir I have tried it too but same problem

Yes I have informed them they are not replying

report the issue to the

@vrushabhsangave0831 are you sure your device wasn’t exposed to some sort of moisture?

Because if it was try drying it and connect it again and make sure you have properly connected.

Yes I’m sure because one day before it was working fine

Well then try with other power cables or adapter. Or else I am not sure if there could be any other issue.

Or maybe your light connection went OFF and your inverter was powering the the lights of your house but had no connection with the socket. And you mistakenly concluded that your device didn’t work

Hi @vrushabhsangave0831,

Apology for the delay in response. Please record a video of the issue and upload it to google drive and then share the public link of the video to If your Bolt device is under warranty we will replace your Bolt unit once the lockdown is over.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Sir I have mailed the video link and I think my warrenty is till 26th of june 2020 so please verify it early I have mailed it 2 days before it self
Thank you in advance :blush:

No, the power connection was there because I don’t have generator at my house so I’ll get when my power is cut so that’s not the issue I think so

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Okay then I hope you get it replaced.
Good Luck :wine_glass:

Sir I have mailed it once in two days still not a single reply please help sir my validity period will end and I can’t compete my course
Please help sir

check the power supply and the wifi connected to it

Check your internet connections properly so that you can make the Bolt Module to glow in both green and blue LED’s on. You can make these problems to solve easily by following the steps:
1.Install Bolt App on your Android Mobile
2.Sign in your login Credentials
3.Follow the rules what is mentioned in that app.
4.Make the internet connection securely and start exploring!!!