Blue light is stable

Blue light is stable but not connect to the bolt cloud.what should I

you should connect it to other wifi and then Green Light will on.

or if you want it to connect same wifi then
1> reset or restart your wifi
2> Change the password of your wifi

then see!

Hi @araj60988,

It seems that the WiFi to which you have connected the Bolt WiFi module is not allowing internet access to the module.

Please go through the following topic, you may find a solution there

Try Restarting your Modem or Hotspot firstly, then if still, the problem prevails you should properly

  • go through the documentation of connecting your Bolt device to the cloud.

  • Maybe the router you are using has an open internet Connection, so you can use your mobile hotspot or private wifi connection.

  • Also, might have some wifi security issues because of which your device is not able to connect to the cloud. Try changing the security access rights in your network.

  • Also, people are not able to connect to bolt cloud in the IOS app, so you may switch to the android app if you have an apple.

Try the listed things out.
if still, you are not able to resolve the issue, send an email regarding your issue at