Blue light not getting on

in my bolt setup blue light is not on and green light is getting on with stable state .how to get my blue light on?i have connected but blue light is not on only green light in stable mode is on

If green light is on it means your boltiot module is also on and connected on stable connection,so no problem you can check it on

if it is not work then please insert the images of your bolt iot

Uploading: IMG_20200804_165509.jpg…
See here when i am connecting the device… Its showing only green light… No sign of blue light…
Also i have not even touched it…
Neither i have used it in a rough way today only it came new product
What should i do😞

please insert image it is not uploaded yet.

I have not even touched whenever i m switching on the setup its showing green stable light only not blue… What should i do?

It is problem in circuit ,if you are not damage it then you can take refund on
Click on refund

Hey! I’ve also faced a similar issue when I first powered on my wifi module then after a try I could fix the problem, at the first time I’ve already given a power input to my cable and then connected it to the bolt then I faced the similar issue later I tried by first connecting the module with the cable and the connected it to the power output after then it started working normally, so I suggest you to first connect the module with the cable after then connect it to power supply. Hope it works normally

Can you please explain me the stepss

Which module and all i am not getting you

Try connecting Bolt module with the USB in the laptop or CPU.
Due to the power fluctuation in power socket it may happen

I’m saying about the bolt wifi module the one you are facing trouble with

In simple words, when I faced the similar situation I have found that I we should first connect the module with USB cable and then turn the power on, I have faced a similar situation when I Have done the vice versa

Hello @prnikaa.Since the blue light is for power supply,there might be some fault with the USB cable,so change the cable and try again.If it doesn’t works out please let me know.
Thank you!