Blue Light on LED is in Stable state before connection and I'm Not able to connect my Bolt Device with BoltWifi

Hello, Few Weeks ago i completed my Bolt Device hardware setup/connections (First project on Plant Monitoring) that time it used to show the Device name as Bolt### something and LED was totally working fine as per the guidelines… but now
It’s Blue LED Light initially only blinks for 2 times when i connect power supply to it and thereafter stays in stable i.e.: in ON state .
Also i think because of this Device Name in my mobile’s WIFI Devices list is not shown as Bolt###. And this is not letting me to move futher in the project development.

Please share your solution regarding such issue.

Please tell is your module is connected to cloud or not?, is the green light is stable or not?
If it is not connected then remove your module from cloud and try to reconnect the bolt module with the wifi using mobile app.
Do follow the steps shown in the app.

Once again check the WiFi and cloud connectivity of your device. It may be a case that you changed your WiFi password and didn’t update it on you hardware device.
If you re-setup you hardware device network it should work properly.

the BLUE LED is for wifi and the GREEN LED is for connecting to the cloud, if your green LED is not on, then that means your internet is not working : it is similar to wifi network being “connected but no Internet” case while using our wifi, so check for proper internet connection, even if doing that did not solve the problem then try changing the wifi or use hotspot.

Hi @sakshigaikwad7102,
Please record a video of your Bolt module and upload it on google drive and share the link so I can see the status of the lights.