Bold wifi led Indicating off

Bold wifi led not showing any indication

Hi vazxavier91. If the Blue LED of your Bolt IoT Wifi Module is OFF, it means that the device is not connected to any power supply. You can use a MicroUSB to USB cable (the ones we use for charging mobile phones) to power ON the Wifi Module.
In case you have already done that but the device’s Blue LED is still not ON, try using a different USB cable as some cables maybe faulty.
In case you have connected the Wifi Module to a desktop/laptop with a perfectly working USB cable and the device is still not ON, try using an adapter (a typical mobile charger adapter). Connect your Wifi module to the adapter with an USB cable and plug in the adapter directly to a power supply.
Hopefully, this should work assuming all your hardware components are in perfect condition. Your Blue LED will start blinking slowly once the Wifi Module is powered ON.

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Connect USB cable properly,if it is not going to work then change the USB cable before that make sure about which USB cable you will take.

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Hello vazxavier91. if your wifi module LED light is not on then your module is not connect to power or USB cable is not work trying a other USB cable and connect your PC or LAPTOP or POWERBANK then blu LED is blinking slowely.

Thanks I tried changing the usb cable , it started working

Even I changed many USB cables the blue light is not turned ON

There is loose connection to WiFi bolt module try to put some pressure on the Injecting end. And the blue led will turn on try putting some weight on on injecting end for example paper stapler

I tried with 3 different cables

This is how I use mine