Bolt 1.0 update for bolt cloud

I want to use bolt cloud on my bolt but my doesn’t support .Can I get a update for my bolt
{“Bolt Version”:“1”,“Firmware Version”:“1.1(168)”}

Its first version of bolt in which UART and Cloud will not work.If you want to replace your old bolt unit with a new version of bolt you can send bolt unit and SD card to inventrom office. We will send you latest bolt unit in which you can use UART and Cloud efficiently.

Thanks ,I will soon be sending my bolt unit .

By the way what are the additional hardware updates

We are providing software update. There are lots of them, faster speed, multi-write and multi-read, bug fixes etc. and most importantly access to the Bolt Cloud.

Thanks i will be sending it soon . Any instructions

Hi at what time is the inventrom office at Panaji open

We are open from 10 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday.

hi, I have bolt version 1 firmware1.1(168). can I replace my bolt for a newer version too???