Bolt alarm clock

what are the advantages of using bolt iot alarm clock over normal alarm that we use in our phone?

It will give you idea to work on bigger projects, like alarm clock have limited feature and u can’t customize that to but if u mad your own then you can customize as you want.

IOT alarm system will customize/change settings according to the situation to get benefits.
e.g. You have set your alarm at 6 am but your IOT alarm system rings on 6:20 am beacuse of traffic updates. It will predicts that you will reach office early beacuse there is no traffic in the coming few hours.

Hello @jain.reechika
We use the BoliIot alarm clock with consider our circumstances.
e.g. we use the boltiot alarm clock in a pharmaceutical companies. when the temperature of the production area will increase then it turn on.

as bolt alarm is designed by us ,it is customizable.
for example,we can set interval time as much as we it won’t disturb us by ringing for every 5 minutes.