Bolt always offline dk wht to do

hello i setted my bolt with my app but it is always offline wherelse the wifi is working i dont know how to delelte the device so that i can reset it please help

I’m trying to connect my bolt device to cloud server but after connecting it successfully to cloud server it disconnects automatically and green light turns off and green light not work. y network connection is very fast still its not showing green light. please help12345

Put your API_KEY and Device_ID in the above URL and run on your browser. Your Bolt Device will be reset.

You will have to make your module connect to WiFi and Cloud again after this.

thank you so much for taking an initiative to reply to my doubt. but could you please explain what is API_KEY and Device_ID and where will i get to know about these 2 of my device’s

Head to your dashboard.

On devices section you will find the device ID, and on API section you will get the API key.

>API Key | Bolt IoT
Refer to the training module for guidance.

thank alot i did that but the device did not get resetted i cant add it to other wifi

@rahul.singh1 @yeshwant.naik Please look into the matter

Is your Bolt Device visible on your Bolt App?

yes my bolt device is on the app but whenever i try connecting it to any wifi and ive shown my wifi speed is pretty good it says internet is not connected.

Refer to this solution from an old thread, check if it works for you.

Also to mention, Bolt Module only works with 2.4Gz wifi connection.

thanks a lot man it’s working now you were of great help

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