Bolt app not responding

I am finding it hard to navigate the bolt app after i sign in. After i signed in, they asked me to fill in certain details in the next page and when i press next to navigate to the next page, that page is not loading and i am unable to do anything further on the app. Please help

Hi! Could you please attach some screenshots? Or just check if you have a stable internet connection.

Yes i have good internet connection. But this is what happens. When i navigate from the first screenshoted page i arrive at the second screenshoted page

Hi @vyshaksuresh10,

Uninstall app and re install app sometimes issues comes and reinstallings fixes it.

I did try reinstalling the app just now. But it did not work and the problem is still there. I even installed the app in another phone but all in vain.

go to your settings and clear app data and cache of the bolt app ? maybe it will help

I did it now, but the result is the same. Is it some kind of bug?

Hi @vyshaksuresh10.

There seems to be a bug in the device. To solve your problem, you can do two things. One, try contacting the developers through or playstore and describe the issue with your phone’s model number and relevant screenshots, they will try to address the issue within the next app update. Or two, try configuring your bolt module using someone else’s phone.

Hope this helps.

I dont think there is a bug in the device. Rather i think its the app’s bug because i did try installing the app in another phone but the result was the same.What should i do now?


Are you using your email id "" while setting up the device?

Can you record your screen while replicating the issue and share the video via google drive here?

Check out your network connection and also login with ur registered mail id. I hope it will help u.

Please use Latest mobile model.
some time It will creating problem with old mobile model.
use two different mobile for app and hotspot.

Hi @vyshaksuresh10 and @er.asshukla,

Apology the inconvenience, this issue is from our side and it is resolved in the latest version of the app.