Bolt as both input and output device

hii team boltiot,

I am trying to get data from LDR and draw a graph. if the threshold is reached, then pin1 as high output.
or is threshold is reached then send data to Arduino .
whole scenario should be in js. i am not able to figure it out so that bolt device can take input and send / give output to a digital pin.

please help me out guys
thank you

Will you please explain your issue in detail?

I could not understand the threshold part (please explain in detail) but regarding graph plotting, you can just download the data available online and plot it in excel.

Yes, you can do that!

Hello Sarthak,
A threshold can be understood as an instance or a min or max value which we can set.

Let’s tackle it with an example,
I have made a temperature monitoring system with Bolt IoT,
I want to turn on my it enabled AC when the temperature reaches 28degrees.

Understood? 28 is a threshold in this case.

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