Bolt Blue LED Blinking But Unable to Connected

If the Blue LED is Blinking, means the Bolt is not connected to a WiFI Router.

Step 1: When the Bolt Blue LED is Blinking, the Bolt Generally acts as a WiFI Hotspot. The name of the WiFI Network transmitted by Bolt will be BOLTXXXXX Where XXXXX stands for a unique ID of your Bolt Unit.

Step 2: Connect your Computer or Phone to this Network.
_Imporant Note: If a particular phone or computer does not connect to the Bolt Hotspot then we suggest you try with another device. e.g. If your Computer Does not connect then try the phone and vice versa. It might take 2-3 minutes for the connection to be established. It is slower than normal WiFi Router during Setup. Though this is just a one-time process and Bolt WiFi is fast during normal operation_

Step 3: Open Google CHROME Browser and enter the IP Address
Use Google Chrome only. If you use Internet Explorer then you are leaving in a wrong century.

Step 4: The page may take a few minutes to load (The Bolt is slow in Hotspot Mode, fast when connected to a router). Please be patient.

Step 5: Make sure you correctly enter the SSID and Password of your Home WiFi Network.
The SSID is the name of the WiFi. Both the SSID and Password are case sensitive.

The SSID (WiFi Name) and Password you enter here are the details of your home WiFi Router or the Router to which you will be connecting your Bolt Unit to.

Step 6. Press Done/Ok button below and wait for few seconds. The Bolt will restart.’

Step 7: When the Bolt restarts, your computer will loose connection to the Bolt Hotspot WiFi. This is fine.

Step 8: The Bolt will now connect to your WiFi Router whose SSID and Password you have just entered. If the Blue LED Becomes stable then your Bolt is connected to WiFi Router.


  1. If the Blue LED does not become stable then please check if you have entered the SSID and Password Correctly. Please try doing the process above again.

  2. Check if the SD card in Bolt is properly connected. It should not be loose.

  3. Check if your WiFi Router is On and WiFI Range is available in that area.

  4. Check if Bolt is near the router.

  5. Check if there are too many devices connected to your router. This is generally a problem in connecting to Office or College WiFI Network. Ideally, there should not be more than 6 devices connected to your Router for Bolt to connect smoothly. Though this is just a suggested limit and it depends on your routers capacity.

  6. If none of the methods above work then try this: Setting up Bolt with an SD Card Reader

Once Bolt is connected to your WiFi Router, its Blue LED will become stable.


the page didn’t open

The instructions given above were for Bolt V1(Version 1). If you have the white colored Bolt Module then it is a V2 Bolt. For the settings of V2 Bolt please visit

Note: There is no page on called settings. However, you will have access to all the settings such as writing code, upgrading the forward etc on cloud which you were erlier able to do via the settings tab.