Bolt blue led stable after some time

i plugged in the bolt device its blue led is blinking but after 6 sec it comes to a stable state and when i connect it to boltiot app ant it says that device is not linked to a product and on the device is showing offline i dont understand what’s wrong is happening .
please show me how can i connect it .

blue led and green led will be in stable state only that means you are connected to internet and it is showing because you havent linked your product to the bolt cloud…watch the tutorials properly !!!

Hello. Blue light is stable it means that your cloud is connected to the wifi module. Green light will turn on only when there is internet connection, so try keeping the wifi module near the hotspot. If it still doesn’t turn on the green light, then try switching off both the module and hotspot and reconfigure it. I hope this helps you, incase it doesn’t, please send a picture of what is wrong so I can understand it better.