BOLT blue LED Stable but not sure whether it is connected to Wifi

BOLT blue LED is stable but when I check my JioNet local page( I can’t find my BOLT in the LAN client list. Searched with Fing app and advanced ip scanner but the device is not there in the list. When I am connecting it to my mobile HOTSPOT I am able to find the ip address of BOLT and connect to it. I am using JioFi router for WIFI.

When you are checking the bolt IP address using the fing or advance IP scaner did the phone or the laptop are connected to the same network(jiofi)?


Yes as @gowthamkrishnateja pointed out correctly to find the IP both the Bolt as well as your laptop need to be on the same WiFi network. Also in IP scanner click on the “IP” button once to check what is the IP range that the JioFi router provides.

Yes both BOLT and laptop are connected to the same Wifi. I have also checked the BS.txt file. The ssid and password are for the Wifi which my laptop is connected to. I have clicked the IP in ip scanner and then scan. But BOLT is not shown in the list. Only three IPs are alive : one for my router, other for my laptop and one for my mobile But when I am connecting to mobile hotspot I could get the IP of BOLT using IP scanner.

Seems like a static ip is assigned to my mobile. When I switched off my mobile Wifi, the BOLT was assigned that ip.



Thanks for the Info, it will help us debug such queries better in the future :smiley:

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