Bolt cannot interact with cloud

Cannot see graphs of data from LDR (connected to A0) or proximity sensor (connected to Pin 4). Data from LDR and proximity sensor not updated even after 5 min. Cannot control LED from cloud either.

Bolt works using the IP Address method, but not through cloud, even if PC and Bolt are connected to same network. Updated hardware version is 1.3.0 and firmware version is 2.2.3.

Screenshot of code for LDR data visualization:

Screenshot of storage configuration for LDR:

Screenshot of code for Proximity Sensor data visualization:

Screenshot of storage configuration for Proximity Sensor:

Screenshot of code for LED controller:

When I try to re-register the Bolt to the cloud, I get the error:
{“success”:“0”,“value”:“No connection to Server”}

connect your bolt’s hotspot through wifi of your laptop and add a internet connection through USB TETHERING or LAN cable.
then go to and click on “register to cloud”. It will certainly help you.

Before your click on register to cloud, do enter the mail ID which you used to register to cloud.

Didn’t work. Still getting the same error: {“success”:“0”,“value”:“No connection to Server”}.

Is this the reason that the Bolt is unable to interact with cloud?

Are there any problems in the codes and storage configurations given above?

No connection to Server means there is not internet connectivity. Does the WiFI network to which Bolt is conneted has internet?

Yes. I use it regularly. I can browse the internet through that network simultaneously while using Bolt.

Oh. There seems to be some issue which I am unable to figure out.

Please E-Mail your phone no to with CC to and mention about this issue. We shall call you up. Alternatively, you can call us up on (+91) 8881197198 and ask for Pranav Kundaikar.

Sorry for the trouble.

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