Bolt cloud and sensors with Arduino

Hi Bolt Aloha!
I would like to do a project consisting of ldr,moisture sensor,temperature,humidity and much more sensors to my plant monitoring.But this needs an arduino interfacing since bolt exists only one analog pin for input. So, i had done the interfacing as mentioned in document here and tested it by blinking_led by inventrom (This one!).

Now i need to use any one of the sensor in arduino and fetch the data from it and send them to bolt cloud for further actions like triggering sms,data visualization etc. i had tried the projects in for understanding about the sensor connection and code but i don’t get that.
So, can anyone provide me sample step by step implementation with code for atleast single sensor like LDR to understand fetching the data and send them to bolt cloud. If i had understood then i can connect another sensor in the same pattern to implement the project. I hope that the response will be soon since many of them may have done this.


In the test that you did, were you able to use the serial Read api to get the response from the Arduino?

If yes, then you can use the example code given here, to pull the data from all 6 analog input pins of the Arduino.

The example shows you how you can fetch the data from the Arduino through the Bolt, to your online python code.

To push the data to the Cloud, you have to change the following code at line number 64




You will then need to create a product on the Bolt Cloud to log data as input, UART and configure the hardware to collect data from 6 CSV values.

In the code section of the product, you will need to plot these CSV values. I would suggest using the “Import code” feature to quickly write a code to plot the CSV values.

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Thank you! it’s working! I need to know about this cloud pro link?( ) Does it helpful in fetching the data from arduino.

I need some information regarding the custom web page displays the data collected from the bolt cloud and how to do that? it would be helpful if i get some information regarding this means that would be helpful more about understanding the Bolt applications and that would be helpful in finishing my project.