Bolt cloud connection issue

i have completely done with the steps for connecting device with the cloud …my blue and green led also light up with stability but trying to lighting the led as shown in the video … i couldn’t here the snap of it the mobile app

the blue and green light is stable means the device is linked with cloud,if you want to do it again please switch off the bolt wifi module and close the app and start trying again .please be patient ,sometimes it may take much time to connectwith our phone through wifi.if you are not able to do this pls contact me through this email id

@rashmijaiswal588 once plz see this demo video then you find the solution…
Thank you!!

ok… sure … @kotavictorrajesh777 i will

yah i have done with the settings … connected with the cloud
thanks for the help … thankyou so much @akhilraj.manu06

Redo the process of the bolt iot device setup by switching off all the mobile data, wifi, hotspot,and location. Then open boltiot application and the start the process.
1 click on add device.
2 switch on mobile data.
3 connect the wifi hotspot of the another mobile.
4 connection is successful.
You can operate the device by clicking on the verify setup

First click on add device then keep your mobile data or wifi connection on so that it get connected to it, If the blue and the green light is stable that means it is linked to cloud successfully, be patient some times it take time to connect. If it is not getting connected switch off the connection and then retry again.

Hey Don’t worry about this,i think you get some network issue please check your internet connection and our bolt wifi module and our mobile or PC are definetly connect to the same internet router then you observe your bolt module if the bolt modules green light is blink then you conform it your device is get ready thats it…your ready to dive in your device and play with your device.