Bolt cloud connection

  1. I powered up the wifi module and blue led blinked slowly
  2. I opened the bolt IOT app and connect wifi and selected the internet so both green and blue lights got stabled
  3. after that i got an alert from iot app that bolt is not responding, i clikced on ok so the app closed,

after that i again opened the bolt, there are no linked devices but the wifi module still have blue and green led’s on and stable.

now if i want to connect module again it is showing in wifi options.

Hi @satwik1330 The blue and green light on stable because it’s automatically connect to your wifi because you already connect it once before.
If your app doesn’t show link then please check on bolt cloud. Is it shows online, do check and let me know.

Hello @satwik1330 If the blue and green light is still on and stable, you can try switching off the wifi module and again going step by step to add your device to the bolt cloud.
After you switch on your Bolt Wifi Module just follow the given steps below-

  1. Open the Bolt IoT app on your phone.
  2. Tap on ‘Add Device’.
  3. Follow the given three steps.
  4. Tap on ‘Ready’.
  5. Connect to Bolt’s Hotspot by following the given steps.
  6. After connecting, the blue LED will start blinking faster. Then you tap on ‘Continue’.
  7. Then you have to select a network to connect Bolt to Cloud. You can either use wifi network or your mobile hotspot for that.
  8. Choose according to your own convenience and connect your Bolt device to cloud.
  9. Once it’s done, both the LEDs will be on and stable.
  10. Then you can tap on ‘Verify your Network’ to check the connection. And that’ll be all.

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