Bolt cloud data tranfer

Today i had an interview in which i was asked how do you transfer data to the cloud.
So, can i get a appropriate answer for it.

@bhaveshmankani786 for an interview you can answer them by saying that we will connect the device to the network just how we did in bolt cloud and load some data on the device over internet connection ,then we return the device loaded with data to the provider who will upload our data in cloud.

Thank You

thanks for your effort @pallavikarangle, but i have given similar answer to them but by their tone i think that they are not satiisfied. So i was just wondered what is an appropriate answer for the que.

@bhaveshmankani786 if the questions didn’t ask about the bolt cloud you may go with this answer below.
Cloud storage offers many benefits, including increased security and improved functionality. As you make the move to cloud storage, you may feel overwhelmed by the task at hand. Fortunately, the process can be performed easily and with little fuss.
Three ways to go about transferring your files to a cloud storage solution.

  1. From local storage.
  2. Manually, using FTP.
  3. Via the WPBackItUp dashboard.

Otherwise, if it is in regard to the bolt cloud this follows,
First we power on the device by connecting it to a micro-USB power supply cable. After we have powered up the device, the Blue LED on the Bolt will start blinking slowly. This means that the Bolt is transmitting its own hotspot and is ready to be configured.
Now, we install the Bolt IoT app on your Android or iOS device by searching for “Boltiot” on the respective app store and installing it. Once the app is installed, sign in to the app using your Bolt Cloud account and proceed with following the instructions on the app. Or we login on using our Bolt Cloud account and go ahead with the further instructions.