Bolt Cloud is showing buy bolt

But I have Bolt kit…

In that case, ignore it.

Look for a card with “STEPS TO ACCESS YOUR TRAINING”

Visit and Follow the Instructions.

Welcome to Bolt IoT !!

But it is still showing me this!!

Setup your Bolt first. Add the device in your dashboard and you’ll be good to go.

For instructions follow this -

If you need any help or face any issue, let me know.

Make sure that you are using the same credentials to login here which you have used while ordering the kit. Also, setup the device using the bolt IoT app and follow the steps. After the setup gets completed, your device will show up there. The same process is given in the training lectures also.

In that case, ignore it.

Thank you so much… I used the same credentials…


  1. Did you use the same email id while registering to the cloud that you used to purchase the kit?
  2. Have you linked the device to your email id using the mobile app?

Thank you so much… Your answer solved my problem…

Thanks… your answer solved my problem!

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Now it’s working fine!!!
Thank you so much!!