Bolt cloud JavaScript Code on my VPS

Is there a way to write my Javascript code (written on the bolt cloud) in my Python script on my VPS?

Hi @tejpunjraju8a,

What exactly are you trying to achieve?

If you could give more details we may be able to help you.

@vinayak.joshi There’s a bell that is rung everyday, in my locality, to inform people to get fresh milk. What I want to do in use anomaly detection to determine when the bell is rung and send out a notification to people of the locality. I have done this successfully.

Now, what I want to do is that using the data of the time at which the bell is rung, I want to predict at what time will the bell be rung the next day. So I need to use the bolt cloud for the prediction algorithm.

Hi @tejpunjraju8a,

The prediction algorithm on the Bolt Cloud helps you build a model which you can use to predict future values.

It cannot help you predict the possible time at which an event will happen.

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