Bolt cloud login from laptop issue

Am not able to open my bolt cloud from my lapto p.
It says to download the app from play store,which
I already did anyway.
Only through laptop I can configure my device.
This is not the 1st time but the nth time,can someone tell me ASAP?

did you try using the bolt cloud website?

Open it in a full sized window, If it detects you are using it in a smaller window it gives that message. What is your laptops screen size?

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Did you try opening the below link using a different browser?

Use the link


What is the resolution of the laptop that you are using?

To configure bolt module
1.install the bolt iot app in ur phone.
2.add device by following instructions. bolt cloud in ur laptop (use standard browser)
4.login using ur credentials. u can create and configure the product.