Bolt cloud module is broken

my bolt cloud hardware is broken… how can i fix it? mean the usb connecting port in the cloud board is broken

contact the support team and ask for a replacement. They will replace it soon

Please share a picture of the broken part for better understanding. If the port part got detached from the board, you can try soldering it back again.

Hi @mairakshidey,

Please share the an image of issue and we will arrange the replacement for your Bolt kit after checking this issue.

Do let me know in case you. need any other information.

that usb port is broken

u have to remove the cable slowly because some times it will stuck .u can also contact support team of bolt they will help u

Please email attaching this image. We shall replace the device.

Contact this [] email

Contact with bolt iot team . I think you need to buy a new WiFi module for proper use .

Hi @mairakshidey,

Your Bolt is not under warranty because its already been 1 year 4 months from your order date. You can purchase the new Bolt module

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

i dont think now it will be work. its better that you take new bolt hardware. contact with support team