Bolt cloud pro : alert

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After getting the API access rate limited I decided to upgrade to BOLT CLOUD PRO expecting I will get some good stuff from BOLT. I recently tried to use the Alerts over SMS and E-Mail as it is a trending feature. I tried configuring it in each and every way possible but the alert SMS and E-mail are not working, I am hugely disappointed with this.

After going through the forum for the same issue no solution has been received till date. When the pin gets high the alert that needs to be sent over SMS or E-Mail doesn’t work in any of the cases.

Please help me with the issue asap.

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Please clarify,

Have you configured the product linked to the device to push data to the Cloud?

The alerts are sent based on the data that the device pushes to the Cloud. For example, if you have setup an alert to monitor the A0 pin data, then you need to also link the device to a product which is configured to collect A0 pin data.