Bolt cloud pro subscription

How can i purchase bolt cloud pro subscription. When I add my card it does not add .
And what is the price for one month subscription?

Hi @sorif9933,

What is the type of CARD you’re using? The current one month subscription nearly Rs.1,500.

hi @sorif9933 :wave:
1. open your Bolt cloud see left side corner bottom . you will see a upgrade button, click the button it will displays subscription plan (monthly plan , annual plan)
monthly plan : 20$ or 1483rs
annual plan : 150$ or 11125rs must use a debit card or credit card to purchase a subscription pack otherwise it will not work.

I hope it will use full for you :blush:

I am use rupay debit card .But when I want to add this . It show you cannot add this card…

hi @sorif9933 :wave:
Enter your card details properly ex: mm/yy -->05/24
otherwise try to purchase in credit card
I hope it will usefull for you thank you: :blush:


I’ll check with the tea and get back to you regarding this.

You’ll get a response by tomorrow EOD.

Hi @sorif9933,

Cards with international transaction enabled, can only be used to make the payment in the gateway. Do you have a VISA or MASTERCARD?

If not, let me know, we’ll send you a custom payment link so that you can use your RUPAY card to make the payment.